Secondary Research

Comparative analysis of the existing products in the market.
All the major existing food printing products were analysed on various criteria and then compared with each other.

The above Reingold–Tilford Tree lists down the various important features of different Food Printers available in the market today. Various criteria were chosen by use to compare the different products: Target group, Mechanism, Features etc.

The entire aim of the excercise was to gain an insight into the product so that we would be able to design an efficient User Interface for the same.

Collage of different products available today:

Cost Analysis of each of the products available:

Although it was not a part of the Design Challenge, we still decided to do an cost comparison between the different products. In case of multiple models available, the average cost is chosen.

Geographical Distribution of Start-ups focussed on Food Printing:

Even this wasn't required but we anyway decided to go with it. The concentration of Start-ups around San Francisco and London is particularly striking. This might be because of the university associations many of these start-ups have.

OzCHI24 Design Challenge