Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative Research gave us a detailed insight into the behaviour and understanding of the users.

Unlike Quantitative research, we interviewed only 8 people. Selectively chosen so as to cover as many different domains as possible. We tried to get a balanced view of the entire scenario. Different people from different domains were chosen. Students, Working People, Professors, etc were chosen.

Many interesting views came in from different users. We have tried to integrate as many of those as we could in our Design.

Need to change menu frequently

Sreedath Tulumandi, Employee

Repititiveness of the menu was an important concern in our minds since the very start of the Design process, and it was rightly so. Apart from Sreedath, couple of other subjects also raised a similar point. Due to high operating costs, most airlines have decided to focus on simple and frugal onflight meals, with no real options. There is a need to provide more and more options to the passengers.

I think they can add more spices in their item. its almost tasteless.

Rajat Tiwari, Student (IITG)

An interesting point raised by Rajat was regarding the different preferences different people have when they travel in airlines. Naturally, traditional onflight catering is not suited to efficiently handle it. Therefore, we realised that there was a need to have multi-cusine options as well as different options within the same item. And luckily 3D printing makes it possible for us to so it.

I doubt the freshness so i guess it is something to be looked upon.

Anuvrata Chitranshi, Businessman

Freshness was one of the painpoints which had been derived from the Quantitative analysis as well. Anuvrat mentioned the exact same thing when we interviewed him personally.

I would suggest offering traditional meals from the destination or origin of the carrier

Gabriel, UX Designer

While travelling, people prefer to taste the local delicacies and dishes. And it would be a good idea if that could start from the flight itself. Again, it reinforces that more choices/options should be given to the passenger to choose his meal from.

Option of preparing food as per your taste (on long international flights)

Utkarsh Mishra, Student (IITG)

Utkarsh Mishra shared an experience where he ordered a sandwich on his international flight to Moscow. However, the sandwich contained olives, to which he is allergic. Luckily for him, he noticed it in time. Similar experiences could have been faced by many passengers.

Since the food packets are prepared on ground, there is no way to foresee such an situation. It is therefore important to have a suitable and effective 3D food printing facility onflight.

More meal options for Health and Diet conscious people should be offered

Vishmaya Rajeeb, Housewife

Being a health conscious housewife, she wanted to count her calories even while flying. Diet specific options are available in certain flights, but still, there is a need to have more universal catering service. She has to stick with a particular flight even when it would not be the most economical option.

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